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Ministerial Leadership Concentration

Bachelor’s Degree Program

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Graduates in the Ministerial Leadership Concentration will:

Be able to understand the spiritual and the practical dynamics of ministry.

Be able to grasp the biblical teachings concerning the nature and mission of the Church.

Be able to integrate ethical and Christian knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behavior into their practice of ministry.

Be able to integrate theology with professional competency in the practice of ministry.

Be able to demonstrate Christian leadership principles in various ministry positions.

Understand the fundamentals of pastoral care and counseling and be able to integrate them into their practical ministry setting.

Be able to compose and preach biblically sound, effective sermons.

Develop a lifestyle of personal study of the Scriptures in order to grow spiritually.

Be able to demonstrate administrative skills necessary for effective service in parachurch or other church-like organizations.

Be able to meet the educational requirements for Assemblies of God credentialing in ministry.

Be able to proclaim and contextualize the eternal truths of the gospel in a constantly changing world.

Be able to develop a personal mission statement applying Scripture and ministry to their life.

Be able to apply biblical principles that support spiritual, emotional, and relational health; personally and professionally.


New at Antioch -- FlexFocus Scheduling

Two classes, two months, twice a semester.

Pace your pairings to fit your schedule with six, 8-week periods offered throughout the year.

Pursue your education every other term.

String together four back-to-back sessions then take two-off like a traditional school year.

Or, study year-round to complete a Bachelor's program in less time at an accelerated pace.

Focus your education according to the flexibility of your schedule.

The choice is yours!

Freshman Fall Semester 16 CR
GEN 100 Freshman Seminar 1
ENG 101 Grammar & Composition 3
MAT 115 Elements of Math 3
PSY 200 or SOC 200 3
SCI 100 General Health and Wellness 1
BIB 105 Old Testament Survey 3
MIN 101 Spiritual Formation I 2
GEN 101 Library Resources 0
Freshman Spring Semester 17 CR
ENG 102 Composition & Literature 3
SCI 101 Life Science Lecture 3
SCI 102 Life Science Lab 1
MIN 102 Spiritual Formation II 2
MIN 110 Relational Outreach 2
BIB 110 New Testament Survey 3
PRA 100 Practicum I 3
Sophomore Fall Semester 16 CR
COM 101 Speech Communications 3
HIS 201 American History I 3
BIB 150 Principles of Bible Study I 3
MIN 211 Christian Ethics 2


MIS 100


World Christian Perspectives 

ENG 201 Academic Writing 2


Sophomore Spring Semester 16 CR
BIB 202 Pentateuch 2
BIB 213 Book of Acts 2
HIS 202 American History II 3
THE 201 Theology I 3
Behavioral Science elective 3
PRA 200 Practicum II 3


Junior Fall Semester 17 CR
MIN 264 Apologetics 3
BIB 210 Life & Teachings of Christ 2
MIN 220 Homiletics 3
MIN 240 Christian Leadership 3
MIN 241 Leader’s Foundation 3
PRA 305 Practicum III 3
Junior Spring Semester 17 CR
BIB 314 Pauline Epistles 2
MIN 230 Pastoral Care & Counseling 3
MIN 260 Administration of Ministry 2
THE 301 Theology II 3
PRA 306 Practicum IV 3
Interdisciplinary elective 3
MIN 203 Spirit Empowered Churches 1


Senior Fall Semester 17 CR
HUM 301 Contemp. Soc. Christ.View 3
MIN 362 Church and Law 3
THE 406 Pastoral Theology 3
PRA 589 Credentialing Practicum II 2
PRA 306 Practicum IV 3
Interdisciplinary Elective 3
Senior Spring Semester 14 CR
GEN 400 Senior Seminar 1
SOC 400 Marriage & Family 3
MIN 350 AGHistory, Missions, Polity 2
THE 401 Theology III 3
PRA 402  Practicum VI 3
Interdisciplinary Elective 2
BIB 400 Bible Review III 0

Statement on Transferability of Credits and Degrees 

Students should be aware that transfer of credits to other institutions is solely at the discretion of the receiving institution.  Students who are considering attending Antioch College and then transferring to another college should contact the receiving institution for its policy on accepting credits from another institution.

Credits earned under the Associate degree offered at Antioch College are not considered credits under a terminal degree and these credits may be transferred to institutions toward a Bachelor degree at the discretion of the receiving institution.  Antioch College takes all credits earned at Antioch College from the Associate degree and applies them toward the Bachelor degree as long as the credits are compatible with the Bachelor degree plan selected.

Antioch College transfers in credit from other colleges in accordance with our Credit Policy.

Statement on Placement Services

Our college office receives many opportunities for various full-time or part-time ministry positions and will assist students in obtaining an interview with employing personnel. No guarantee for placement may be made; however, Antioch College does maintain contact with various denominational offices and may assist students with placement in ministry occupations.

Bachelor’s Concentration Options

Biblical Studies Concentration

Designed to prepare the student for teaching positions in the biblical/theological fields in a church ministry and for further graduate studies in biblical/theological fields.

Intercultural Studies Concentration

Designed to prepare the student for a career on the mission field.

Worship and Worshipping Arts Concentration

Designed to prepare the student for a leadership position in the area of worship in a church ministry.

Christian Counseling Concentration

Designed to prepare the student for advanced studies in the Christian Counseling field or for pastoral care positions.

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